Stranger in a Strange Land ,

Some Arch or Other ,

Marble Arch? ,


Just the day for an open top bus ,

Bust ,

Of some guy.

Church thing in front, BBC thing behind. ,

Lampost with Crown ,

The guide said something about Regent Street belonging to the Queen.

Apple Store ,

On Regent St. This I know about...

Daddy! ,

What's this white shit falling from the sky?

Eros ,

Or some shit like that.

Stranger in a Strange Land ,

Nelson's Column ,

Can't really pretend to not know what this is.

Admiralty Arch. ,

I think.

Lion ,

And cold children.

Festive Lion ,

And Simpson clan.

Ready to paddle. ,

Ignore the sheet ice.

Ship in Bottle ,

4th Plinth Art thingemy.

Soldier on Horse ,

Cenotaph ,

Big Ben ,

Only kidding. I know it's the bell.

London Eye. ,

This I know 'cause it was in Fantastic 4 :)

London Bridge ,

Metro ,

Tower of London ,

More Big Ben ,

HP Sauce Label ,

James Bond's office ,

Daft looking soldier ,

Unimpressive Palace ,

Impressive Gate ,