24 April 2008

Ghostbusters Car ,

On the Sony lot

Ghostbusters Squircle ,

From the back of the actual car (or possibly a good facsimile thereof) on the Sony Lot

Ghostbusters Logo ,

ECTO-1 ,

Who ya gonna call?

Sony Lot ,

The point where the mock town gives way to the sound stages.

Wolfram and Hart ,

<a href="http://www.cityofangel.com/characters/wolframHart.html">Home of the evil lawyers from Angel</a>. Actually the home of Sony Pictures, across the street from their Lot.

Culver City ,

In case you were in any doubt.

Los Angeles Temple ,

Big LDS thing.

Two Tacos for 99c ,

I bet they're just super tasty.

There are unused icons behind your video ,

Video advertisement thing in Whole Foods