22 July 2007

As the deer pants for the water brooks ,

blah di blah di blah. Religious mural in my apartment block's lift.

Cheruby goodness ,

Ceiling mural in my apartment lobby

Masked Mattress Man ,

Visit his sale or he'll grapple you.

Cyclists on Chandler Bikeway ,

At the junction of Hollywood Way

Reclaimed Water In Use ,

No Elephant Feet Squircle ,

Actually it's supposed to indicate <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/xurble/871971497/">no drinking water</a>.

Mr B ,

At Hollywood and Burbank

Burbank Printing ,

Burbank Bus ,

Burbank School of the Ballet ,

Burbank Motor Works ,

Also, the &quot;Electric Shaver Shop&quot; which sounds kind of niche until you notice it has branched out into the obviously related fields of Watch and Clock Repairs, Dry Cleaning and Tailoring.

Burbank Plumbing ,

Since 1949

Contractors Squircle ,

Burbank Lodge ,


PAP Squircle ,

Loyal order of moose