DVS Intelestream Squircle ,

Just a logo

Spirit of Burbank ,

The Last Starfighter ,

Lockheed used to make planes in Burbank. They appear to have left one behind. It's an F-104 Starfighter by the way (hence the title).

Starfighter Plaque ,

The Last Starfighter ,


2 of your finest Aerobooks please my good man.

E is in Models ,

Patys ,

Missing an apostrophe or a word I don't know?

Question Mark Squircle ,

Pyschic Tarot Cards ,

I think that the proprietor is the psychic and that he or she reads the cards. The cards themselves are probably not pyschic.

Bob's 49 ,

Home of the "Big Boy"

S is for Superman ,

Poster for Superman II the Richard Donner cut. This iconic image has been overtaken by popular culture. Now all I see is a goatse reference.