Cartoon Network ,

In Downtown Burbank

The Guardians ,

Outside the Police and Fire Headquarters

The Guardians ,

Outside the Police and Fire Headquarters

Jail and Bail ,

Prime location

Burbank Thanks ,

These are everywhere. The US army has a kind of mythic quality.

"San Diego" ,

If you believe Jurassic Park 2. Actually Downtown Burbank. Not showing any lingering signs of T-Rex damage.

Chipotle Squircle ,

Burbank Squircle ,

Where the people who make the movies, see the movies Apparently

Crown Books ,

Or at least it used to be. From Jurassic Park 2 The bookshop where the screenwriter David Koepp, in a cameo as ‘Unlucky Bastard’ gets chomped by the T-Rex


B ,

For Burbank

Do you want my photograph? ,

The dude on the left accosted me while I was snapping my Jurassic Park pictures and asked if I wanted his picture. I couldn't think of anything better to say than "I don't know do I want your picture?" at which point he smiled and walked off. Weirdo. I decided to I would have his picture anyway. I now can't decide if he I hope he wasn't famous (so I didn't miss out) or I hope he was famous and was miffed I didn't recognize him.

R is in Cartoon Network ,

E is in Cartoon Network ,

Mail Box ,

Power Station ,

Burbank has it's own power station, right in the centre of town.

Power Distribution ,

I don't know a lot about electricity, but I'm pretty sure that in England we don't store it in buckets at the top of poles.