Pet Squircle ,

P is for Pet Food ,

Because the current <a href="">themed alphabet</a> was Red Letters - but I missed it anyway.

Del Taco Squircle ,

Home of cheap meat-esque products.

Half Mast ,

Flags in US fly at half mast for 30 days following the death of a president (in this case <a href="">Ford</a>). It's a law or something.

Unatrocious Apostrophe ,

I have wanted to put this in atrocious apostrophe's for the best part of a year thinking it should be Carl Jr's. However, research indicates that in fact it's OK. The original restaurants were called Carl's The drive through / burger bar incarnations are Junior versions. Hence Carl's Jr. Bah Ah well, it's still a Star Not Star.

Shoe Car ,

Just because

Top Level Domain ,