W is for Westwind Media ,

Fiddy Cent Squircle ,

I guess these must be rare. 6 months of US living and I just got my first one.

8 Ball Squircle ,

Magnolia Squircle ,

From a trip down Magnolia Blvd, Burbank

S is in Antiques ,

Stevenson Gun Country ,

"The Gun Shop Without the Attitude" I feel so much better now.

Old School Pepsi Squircle ,

Tyre Shop Cool Shark Squircle ,

It Just Works ,

I love my GPS. It's absolutely flawless.

Sprinkler Squircle ,

R is for Rasberries ,

Except that the shop this is off actually spells it with 'z's I think. Presumably this is following the @/at making this, what a 'Rat' symbol?

Victory Station ,

O is in Collectables ,

And is also a squircle

C is for Collectables ,

B is in 8-Ball ,

Abraham Lincoln Flagging Me Off ,

He thinks he's being subtle but I can tell.

Don't Walk ,

This is what crossings in the US are supposed to look like. But in Burbank at least, they don't, they have red hands and green walking men.