Blue Room Squircle ,

The Blue Room ,

Where John Voight hangs out in Heat. Also seen in Memento

Nature's Pride Squircle ,

Atrocious Apostrophe of omission

SUV's ,

Apparently there is a debate about using apostrophes when pluralizing acronyms. Pah

Water and Power Sculpture ,

Just some more public art. Outside Burbank Power and Water on Olive. Is it supposed to look like clouds on sticks? Hard to say.

Burbank ,

Water and Power Skywalk

Water and Power Squircle ,

Burbank Metro Station ,

In all its neo-deco glory

Borrmann Steels ,

Tyre Squircle ,

Deluxe Squircle ,

Whitnall Highway Park South ,

Nice park for running around in. Not so hot for kites.