21 June 2006

June Gloom ,

Morning in sunny california

Off to Preschool ,

Gloom Lifting ,

But we should still be able to see a mountain here.

What about those gas prices? ,

It's a national obsession.

Mosaic Squircle ,

In the entrance to my building

The Long Commute ,

Milt & Edie's Wisdom ,

I am <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/xurble/tags/miltandedie/">quite the fan</a> of Milt and Edie

Looking Up ,

Desk ,

Obligatory desk shot

Coffee Van ,

Empty Chair ,

Sunbathing Tortoise ,

Cine-snack ,

The Omen ,

Futile and incoherent.

Look! A mountain ,

Still a lot of haze though

Shopping ,

Working back ,

Making up for the time out in the middle of the day.