21 April 2006

Flickr Alley Shot ,

Thought I'd better take one before I left. Oh and the graffiti is cool too.

Tele TYpe ,

It's always sat there at the top of the &quot;ps&quot; list and I never knew why. It's also <a href="http://images.google.co.uk/images?q=tty&amp;sa=N&amp;tab=wi">available in physical form</a>.

Squircles of Steel ,

1 of 2, I couldn't choose between them

More Balls ,

Squircles of Steel ,

1 of 2, I couldn't choose between them

Balls of Steel ,

Even in the rain, passers by can't stop themselves touching and snapping.

The New Dyson House ,

As <a href="http://flickr.com/photos/xurble/126374372/">one revolting building</a> dies, another springs up in its place. Only much more central and a blight on the best bit of Sheffield. The fountains don't do much to soften the blow.

The Dreaded Hotel ,

It's not as bad as I feared. I still think reversing its position with the Winter Gardens would have made far more sense.

Sheffield's Original Photography Mecca ,

Before the Balls of Steel, there were always the Peace Gardens. I wonder if these two are flickrers?

The Moor ,

The Moor is a pit. They have closed and are knocking down McDonalds (on the left) so there's no reason at all to go there any more. Anyway, this is taken for posterity since it should look quite different when I come back.