23 July 2005

Night Swimming ,

Santa Monica Beach. 8:30pm, 92F <a href="http://www.geobloggers.com/">geotagged</a>

Lord of the Dance ,

This guy is the Dance Dance Revolution king. He was pretty much breakdancing while getting a <i>huge</i> score. It's a far cry from the fat ginger girls I've seen playing at Skegness.

United by the medium of dance ,

I sat on Santa Monica pier for a while eating my dinner. It is probably the most ethnically diverse place I've ever been. But after a short while it became clear that all the different colours and creeds where in discreet groups. There were <i>no</i> mixed groups at all. I found it kind of depressing really, but then on the way back to the car, I saw these 3 guys, 1 black, 1 oriental and one er, other. They were clearly together and took it in turns to play the most amazing games of Dance Dance Revolution I've ever seen. It was stunning and drew a huge crowd.